Using a traditional cold press method, these soaps are handmade in Gloucestershire, UK. Each bar is unique, individually stamped with our maker's logo. The subtle blend of oat, begamont and lavender scents come together for a perfect claming combination.


Naturally rich and moisturising, this soap invigorates your skin with a light and delicate scent, this soap creates a rich, relaxing scented lather with added oats to naturally aid exfoliation


All of our soaps have olive oil added for supple skin, restorative coconut oil and sustainable shea butter. They are superfatted to create a luxurious soap bar nourishing and protecting the skin. Shea Butter is high in vitamins A and E.


Artificial Colour and paraben free. The soap wrap is 100% biodegradable plant based waxed paper which is made in the UK


Vegan, Sustainable Materials, Natural Ingredients, Handmade, Made in the UK, Gloucestershire.


Ingredients are all certified by the Organic Soil Association.

Cosmetic Safety Assessment submitted


Batch Code:  0022
Minimun weight: 100g

Natural Cold Pressed Soap Bar - Oat, Begamont and Lavender